For the love of our craft!

Sod slingin’!

Our work environment is the most beautiful in Birmingham.

We never know what we will find downtown.

We can landscape just about anything.

The irrigation has to be right!

“You are not coming out of there until the job is finished!”

Good Morning! Ready for the new day!

“Is this it? Is this all you’ve got?”

Mickey, Sterling, & Chris look like they are in a Chevrolet commercial.

Paul (on the right), is usually good at avoiding the photographer but Chris & David pull him into this picture.

Enjoying a good day of work!

“I work out!!”

A beautiful garden is not an accident. Thanks, Eric!

Two men and a broken mower.

The Joy of Landscaping

Our profession merges two of life's greatest pleasures into one terrific endeavor. These two pleasures are creating art and spending time outdoors.

Our team is composed of people who find happiness expressing their art through the creation of thoughtful outdoor spaces.

Thank you for allowing us to find our greatest joy while creating your garden of refuge.

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